Our Services


Private walk

We will collect your dog or dogs from your property, take them on a fun walk of thirty minutes or an hour then return them to your home.  We will ensure they have fresh water on the walk and will refresh their water on our return.  The dogs will be towel dried, if necessary, before we leave them.  We can feed your dog or provide medication if we have instruction to.

Pet sitting in your own home

This service is not yet available but is coming very soon.  Please ask us for further details.

Daily Check-in

We can check in on your pet and feed them.  We will stay for thirty minutes and can play with them as well as providing fresh water and emptying cat litter trays for example.


We can have your dog or cat for up to twelve hours.  We can collect your dog or you can drop them to us.  Your dog will have regular walks and plenty of play time.


Group walk

Walks with other dogs of thirty minutes or an hour.  Never more than four dogs at a time.  Dogs are collected and returned to your home. Some assessment of your dog will need to be made to ensure they are able to be part of a group walk.

Pet taxi

We can safely transport to the vet, groomer or anywhere else you would like them to go.

Overnight boarding

We will welcome your pet as part of our family.  Dogs will be walked regularly, have lots of play time and never left for more than two hours at a time.  We have limited space for this service and can only accept small dogs, house cats or other small pets.

Cannot praise Lisa highly enough. She came to stay the night on New Year’s Eve to look after my timid King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Sasha who is very wary of strangers but Lisa was great with her from the start. She also sent me a couple of photos of Sasha during the evening to reassure me that Sasha was quite happy. She made sure everything was clean and tidy before she left. Can highly recommend her.
— Angela Palma